VIA rail as an act of Parliament

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Bonjour à tous,

Why is it that we still have VIA Rail incorporated from an order-in-council than an act of Parliament?  Is it politically that difficult?  Does it require lots of resources to write the act?   Is CN rail that much of a powerful lobbyist? Does it require more political will from the population? Am I overestimating the the benefits of re-creating VIA rail as an act of Parliament? Would Privy Council be against it?

It seems to me that passenger rail in Canada is suffering so much.  Yes, geography and low population density does not make it as easy as in Europe.

My understanding is that having VIA rail incorporated as an act of Parliament would allow it to get better financing from sources outside government.  To have it’s financing still tied to government approval seems silly.  I know there are lots of matters to consider when governing.   But it doesn’t seem to me that difficult and the only opponents I could see would be one (admittedly big) corporation plus perhaps the bus companies.

Do you need citizens to push for it?  What’s the obstacles to getting this changed?  Am I misunderstanding the differences and benefits of having VIA Rail as an act of Parliament?